Live fire weapon status signal light

Illumination unit, for high power illumination at day, night or in bad visibility conditions.
Designed as an illumination unit for signaling; weapon status during live fire shooting exercises, designed to replace manual shift of Flag color. (Red or Green)
Unit also has a controllable IR beacon for preventing cologne driving accidents

Unique compact design containing 24 LED’s



Range:0 – >1500m daytime >6000m night. @ clear weather conditions
IR Beacon illumination:Vertical Angle 120° – Horizontal angle 360°
Visible light:Vertical Angle 13˚ x 360˚
White 5600 Red, Green and blue (1,6 Mill possible color combinations)
Working temperature:-40 to 71 degrees Celsius
Vibration safe:For rubber tire and belt driven vehicles


Light unit: Solid aluminum housing
Waterproof:IP68 with fixed cable, IP67 with MIL-DTL-38999 connectors


OptionsAnalog, RS232, RS422 RS485 and CAN-Bus, programmable to demand.


Power input:Between 24 and 32 Volt DC.
Power consumption:Max 1A at 28 Volt DC supply.
Size:134mm diameter x 53mm High
Complies with Mil std. spec:EMC, Temperature and Vibration.