Illumer laser
Illumerlaser4 and Illumerlaser8

Heavy duty Illuminator, IP67, designed for mounting on vehicle weapon station, for use in combination with a light sensitive day and night camera, Image Intensifier (I²), or night vision goggles (NVG) while driving. Fully adjustable Visible and IR-light output 0 – 100%. NATO Code frequency’s for target illumination. SWIR camera illumination Fog penetration IR light. Flashing (strobe)

Unique compact design containing from 4 to 8 lasers and LED’s in one unit

High power class 3B and class 4 laser, with training mode (eye-safe class2) and combat mode.



Range:20m – 10Km (depending on camera/ NVG/ I² performance.)
IR driving light:Horizontal Angle 36 – 54 degrees, Vertical Angle 5 – 14 degrees
Visible light:White 5600 kelvin 2 km with 2˚ angle 3500 Lumen output
Visible laser:20m – 10Km
Ground target laser designator:range 10km
IR Illumination for camera:NVG or NV scope: 50m to 10Km
Working temperature: -40 to 71 degrees Celsius
Vibration safe:For rubber tire and rubber belt vehicles

Lasers available:

From/to:From 445nm to 1550nm in powers up to 3 Watt.
Visible light:445nm, 532nm, 635nm
IR light:808nm, 850nm, 915nm, 1064nm and 1550nm
ExtraUniform or rectangular beam with optics, any angle and very low divergence for point or wide angel illumination.

LED’s available:

White 5600 Kelvin, 850nm or 940nm IR version.
Lens options:2˚,5˚, 6˚ and 14˚, (half-angle) any combination, uniform beam


Light unit:Solid aluminum
Waterproof:IP68 with fixed cable, IP67 with MIL-DTL-38999 connectors


controls:RS232, RS422 RS485 and CAN-Bus, programmable to demand.


Power input:Between 24 and 32 Volt DC.
Power consumption:Max 1,5A at 28 Volt DC supply.
Vibration safe:For rubber tire and rubber belt vehicles.
Size:To be fitted to demand.
Complies with Mil std. spec:EMC, Temperature and Vibration.


(Custom housing)
Power input:Between 12 and 32 Volt DC.
Internal IR lighton back side for position marking to other vehicles (flashing