Illumer 8led
Military vehicle IR- Illumination

Heavy duty Visible and IR light source, IP67, designed for mounting on the vehicle, for use together with a sensitive camera, Image Intensifier (I²), or night vision goggles (NVG) while driving can be supplied with White 3200 Kelvin and 5600 kelvin, yellow or red LED’s

Illumer8LED Combi Technical Specification.

Model: PWM1526V8X850IR8XW with 3 pin connector


Light output850nm IR and White light
Version with opticsWhite light: H 131˚x V   29˚ full angle,  IR:  H 115˚x V 90˚
Version without opticsWhite light: H 150˚x V 125˚ full-angle, IR:  H 115˚x V 90˚
Range10m – 50m+ (~ camera/ NVG/ I₂ performance.)
Working temperature:-40 to 71° Celsius


Light unit:Solid aluminum anodized and painted green RAL 6020 or custom
Front lensAcrylic glass  PC-110, THK=4mm
WaterproofIP67 with MIL-DTL-38999 connectors
Weight Light unit590 g


ITT CA Bayonet
MIL-DTL-38999 type 3-pin connectors.
Matching cable connector is model: CA3106E10SL-3SB
Pin A = Neutral
Pin B = Positive White light
Pin C = Positive IR

 Power supply:

 Urgen maximum 1A current nfor IR and maximum 3A current for White light
 PWMFor IR   IF = 1 A, tp = 100 μs and for Whitelight :  IF = 3 A, tp = 100 μs
VoltageWhite light; Efficient light output between 21,0V to 27,7V.

IR light;         Efficient light output between 12.5V to 14,4V.

 ProtectionThe unit has no spike overvoltage or over current protection.

Protection should be part of vehicle light control system

Power consumption3A at 27,7 Volt DC supply.

MIL Spec:

According to 810G og 461F.


FrontAcrylic glass
LensesLenses in 106˚ x 29˚ (full angle)
SealO-ring seal for acrylic front, back plate and connector
Connectors2 or 3 pin ITT connectors
CablesEMC protected Cable in custom length
Circuit boardsSingle or combi Electronics
LED circuit boards

4 LED boards (2 IR and 2 White light LED)